Why You Should Make Health Insurance A Priority

Health insurance is a vital part of a long-term savings plan. Too many people in this country don’t think twice about automobile insurance to cover their car, but will gamble with their own health.

1. Opt-In for Employer Health Benefits If your employer offers health insurance, take it. These plans usually run far less than what out-of-pocket plans would cost you. Even if the employer deducts money out of your check each pay period, you will learn to live without that money.

2. Health Insurance May Save Your Financial Life Even though health insurance might seem too expensive, it could save you from minor financial hardships or total financial ruin. Could you imagine owing a hospital thousands of dollars for a surgery? This isn’t a fantasy or a made up figure. It’s a modern day reality. You could get caught in a cycle of paying hospital bills monthly–money that could go towards a mortgage or your retirement. Do not let your health become a financial liability–from which you may never recover.

3. Shop Around Many out-of-pocket plans offer different levels of coverage. Think about what you need and–when that emergency comes around that keeps you out of work–what you can afford. Research, research, research.

4. Make Health Insurance A Priority In addition to getting covered, budget for check-ups, emergency room visits and medication co-pays. In the long run, the sting of these forgotten costs associated with doctor visits won’t cause an unexpected dent in your monthly spending plan.

5. Don’t Delay, Do It Today In keeping with my central message of taking control of your life, you have to act today in making sure that you don’t get caught uninsured.