Finding Success As A New Business Owner

The key to being a successful business owner is something that involves time, effort, and understanding of the field you are in. But those are just minor things in the big picture. Here are six things to know when running a business on your own and how to be successful at it:

1. Those that are highly successful business owners are the ones who think like one. Most people that get out in the real world are employees, and they think like one as well. No matter where you received your education at or what degree you have, you are taught to go out and do the best you can to get a good paying job. Basically, the people teaching you are employees themselves, and they teach you how to be a good one. Think about it. Do most of you really think that teachers out there are going to show you how to run your own business when they work for someone as well?

I am now a current business owner myself on-line, and the first thing I had to do learn was to think like a true business owner. Trust me, it if not an easy transition because we are all programmed to think a certain way throughout our lives, and transitioning from an employee to a business owner is very hard to do but not impossible.

2. You have to have the right person that will mentor you on how to think and grow into a business owner. Without a good mentor to show you the way, I can tell you that you are highly unlikely to make it. It takes a business owner mentality to teach someone how to think just like they are teaching you. Only a business owner can teach another business owner how to be successful. No business owner who thinks like an employee will ever make it.

3. Another thing that helps you become a successful business owner is the people you hang around with. If you hang around people who think like employees, you will turn into one yourself. Hanging around successful people and/or business owners will bring success to you. It is like the old saying that if you put one crab in a bucket, then it can still get out. But, if you put two crabs in the bucket, the second one will hold the first one down. If you want to get your own business going successfully, then you can’t associate with people that will hold you down from accomplishing what you want in your business. Where you go in life is determined by who you associate with, and don’t ever forget that.

4. One of the biggest things to being a successful business owner to me are those who are prepared to fail, and can accept it. Every single successful person on this planet has failed in being successful. Michael Jordan is arguably the best basketball player to ever live. In my opinion, he is. But, many times in his career, he failed on the court. He didn’t always make the game-winning shot at the end of the game to give his team the win. He didn’t always lead his team to an NBA Championship. The one thing that made him successful is failing many times over, and that is why he is who he is now.

What is the opposite of success? This was one of the first questions I was asked when I got in the business I am in. Like most people, I said the answer was failure. My mentor said the same thing when he was asked before getting in the business. Then he told me about how many people in the business failed numerous times and have now made it to where they are completely free to do what they want to do. Before he even answered the question for me, I then changed my answer to quitting. Again, that goes back to what I was saying before about how we were all programmed to think that the opposite of success is failure. In a technical sense, that maybe true. But in running your own business, nothing could be further from the truth. Remember that failure is a huge part of being successful, and you have to be ready to accept that or you likely will be quitting not long into it.

5. You also have to act and dress professional when talking to others about your business whether they are family, friends, or potential customers or business owners. Some fields don’t require you to dress professional like land scaping, construction, or something related to those fields. But being professional is very important. The way you present yourself is how people will view you. So it is important that you know when it is time to be a professional business owner and when it is time not to.

6. Always know what you want in life. What are some of the dreams you have? Write them down, and post pictures of the places that you want to go. If you want a luxurious car, then post a picture of one as well. You have to know what you want, and be able to see the big picture in front of you.

All those things I just talked about are what is going to get you to be successful as a business owner. But the whole key starts in your head. Thinking like a business owner is the most important of all of them, and that starts with who you associate with. Again, no one thinks like that when they start a business. But you have to grow into one and be prepared for the failures that come with running a business of your own. Besides, wouldn’t you rather show or mentor someone on the failures of the business that you learned rather than see them make the same mistakes anyway? Criticism will always be there in anything you do. If you can’t handle that, you will not make it.

In short, it is very tough and time consuming to be a successful business owner. So many things are a huge factor in whether or not you can make it in the business you are in. But, no one is ever successful at anything by quitting. You have to change the way you think, or you will not make it as a successful business owner. All of these things are essential in becoming a successful business owner.

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