DIY Home Staging Tip Sheet

If you’re trying to sell your home and are on a low budget, try some of these do-it-yourself tricks.

Exterior and Landscaping

To help sell your home, be sure the area that everyone notices when they pull in your driveway is clear of clutter. DIY tips for exterior:

* Make the front door/entrance area inviting

* Remove rust and paint from railing

* Pick up any clutter from the yard or sidewalk

* Weed flower beds, mow lawn, rake leaves and trim shrubs

* Remove personal items from porch or deck

* Give your mail box, front door, window ledges, shutters and down spouts some fresh paint

* Replace or repair shingles

* Boats should be kept in a garage or behind a fence

* Outdoor furniture on a deck is very appealing.

* Remove grass growing in concrete cracks

* Any area that is dirty or moldy, power wash it

* Consider adding mulch around flower beds and trees


* Place fresh flowers around the house or bake some cookies the day you will be showing the home

* If an item is not needed for your day to day life, box it up or get rid of it

* If you have many family pictures, it is best to remove some when showing your home. If it is too “personalized”, buyers cannot envision themselves in the home.

* Painting is one of the best ways to bring your house up to date. Play it safe by using white, cream, beige or pastel colors.

* Empty trash and ash trays


* Closets should be neat and organized

* People like storage space and if a closet is more than two thirds full it will appear that there is not adequate storage space

* Hang clothes neatly and organize shoes

* Place some cedar chips in closets


* Baseboards need to be dusted

* Replace worn vent covers

* Clean or replace carpet


* Bookshelves should be dusted and organized

* Stand a brass plate or something shiny on a dark bookcase

* Hide or get rid of worn-out throw pillows

* All beds should be made

Kitchen & Bathroom

* Remove magnets from refrigerator

* Remove small appliances or other items from the kitchen counter

* Replace any damaged caulk on sink, tub or counter

* Clean tile grout

* Straighten medicine cabinets; people like to take a peek

* Tighten or replace knobs or wobbly drawers

* Use window cleaner to make the faucets shine

* Replace any missing or damaged tiles

* Repair any leaking faucets

* All drains should be free flowing

Walls & ceilings

* Paint or stain woodwork

* Repair cracks in ceilings or walls

* If you have small nail holes, you can dab some toothpaste in the holes and let dry. For larger holes, you should use caulking.

Windows & Lighting

* If the view from a window isn’t attractive, hang a plant in front of the window

* Increase light bulb wattage to help brighten rooms

* Keep curtains open during daylight hours to use natural light

* Turn on enough lights so the home is well lit when showing the home

* Clear window ledges to give a clear view of the yard

* Curtains should be clean. If you have dark curtains, replace them with light colored curtains

A fact sheet is a strong marketing tool. It should include the total heated/cooled square footage, sizes of each room, as well as any additional information about the home that you feel is important. Talk to your Realtor about a fact sheet for your home.