Manipulating Your Metabolism

Don’t let a sluggish metabolism keep you from achieving your weight loss goals! Your metabolism can slow for several reasons – lack of activity, because of different medications, because of your dietary habits, or simply because of your age! Here are a few tips I have found to help me in my weight lose conquest. I hope they can do the same for you.

Get your “beauty rest”. Getting enough sleep at night is crucial to your health. Our bodies require at least 7 hours of sleep at night to function properly. If you get enough sleep, you will provide your body with the energy needed to follow the rest of these steps!

Make sure you drink lots and lots of water. It is a necessity for your body to run and function properly. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, drinking water everyday can help keep you hydrated. If you stay hydrated your digestive system will work more efficiently and help to increase your metabolism!

Do as mom has always said and “eat your fruits and veggies”. Raw fruit and vegetables require much more energy to digest, therefore they will naturally speed up your metabolism. Not to mention they add vitamins and minerals to your diet that your body may be lacking.

There is speculation that eating spicy foods will help to speed your metabolism because it causes you to sweat. You can try adding peppers or curry spices to different things and see what works best for you.

Let go of your weaknesses. Some foods hurt your metabolism rather than help it! The worst (and my biggest weakness) is sugary sodas. Try to eliminate or reduce your soda intake, as well as any processed foods! They only hinder your metabolism and the goal here is to speed it up and maintain a healthy weight!

If you don’t already do it, start weight training. Adding muscle will speed up how fast your body burns calories. It’s known that muscle burns more than fat. Not to mention the benefit of the energy boost from working out regularly.

Don’t forget that several types of medication can have an effect on your metabolism. If you have been eating healthy and working out and are still having trouble with losing weight or have no increased energy, see your doctor. There could be certain types of side effects from a prescription medicine you’re taking. Or your metabolism could also be impacted by thyroid problem. If you have any doubts, be sure to talk to your doctor about the different possibilities.