Heart Disease Considerations For Women

There are a number of ailments that women are actually at risk for developing without actually realizing it. For example, heart disease risk factors for women are much more significant than for men in many situations.

Heart disease actually happens to be the leading killer both for men and women. In women, however, this condition happens to be responsible for as many as 29 percent of all deaths according to the CDC. The disease itself is not the largest problem faced by women that are suffering from heart disease. The real problem comes from premature disability and death. Dying at the age of 60 is far too young in our country, and yet there are far too many of women that are dying at this age because of heart disease. There are women that are really ill because they are suffering from heart disease because they can’t get around like they used to.

More men may die from heart disease than women, but women tend not to be diagnosed in time which is why it is important to understand the heart disease risk factors that women face just as commonly as men. We need to start thinking about more than just symptoms – We need to start thinking about what is actually putting us at risk.

The heart disease risk factors that can affect women according to the American Heart Association can include:

  • An increase in your age,
  • Heredity, including your race – People that have a family history of this disease can be at a greater risk of developing it. African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians may also be at risk of developing this disease.
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol
  • Little or no physical activity,
  • Obesity or issues with weight,
  • Diabetes

The burden that is created by heart disease in women can be very great. The earlier that folks begin to adapt healthier practices and behaviors, the lower that their overall risk will be for stroke and heart disease outcomes.

It has been determined that women are fully capable of reducing their risk of developing heart disease, and all that it takes is modifying lifestyle choices in order to increase overall health. These modified lifestyle changes should include adopting a well balanced and nutritional diet and exercise to maintain overall good health and wellness. These are the first steps to increasing heart health and warding off the risks of developing heart disease.