Low-Carb Meal Solutions For Diabetics

Cooking a low-carb meal for someone with Type II diabetes can be challenging. A basic rule is to reduce or eliminate white food. No pasta. No potatoes. No white bread. No rice. Here are some tasty and filling alternatives found in grocery and health food stores.

Portabella mushrooms are great in Italian dishes. For pizza, use for the base instead of pizza dough to make individual servings. Add toppings and bake just as you would bake a pizza. Or, lay out all the toppings, each person can make their own to taste. Pick the mushrooms that have the best bowl shape from the open bin rather than buying a packaged set. For lasagna, cut mushrooms in half and use in layers instead of pasta.

Speaking of Italian recipes, try eggplant parmesan instead of lasagna. The recipe at Eggplant Recipescan be used with a few substitutions. Use whole wheat flour instead of white flour. Use crumbled pork rinds instead of bread crumbs to provide a flavorful crunch.

Substitute yams for any potato recipe such as baked, french fries, shepard’s pie, and potato salad. For Christmas dinner, mix cut up, cooked yams with low sugar apple pie filling and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes to make a sweet potato casserole. According to the American Diabetes Association, yams are low glycemic food, meaning that they raise blood glucose levels more slowly than foods such as potatoes.

Keep low-carb bread and low-carb flat bread around. For the holidays, skip the boxed stuffing. Make your favorite home-made stuffing recipe with plenty of vegetables and dried low-carb bread. For brunch or breakfast make french toast. Use for toast and sandwiches in everyday meals. Try health food grocery stores for better tasting low-carb breads. Low-carb flat bread has good flavor and texture, and makes delicious wraps or grilled cheese sandwiches. It can be hard to find, look in the big box stores. You can find low-carb tortillas but in my opinion the low-carb flatbread tastes better.

Love Chinese take out food? Skip the rice. Buy the pints of your favorite dishes and serve over a can of Chinese vegetables.

What are the trade offs in cost and time? Portabella mushrooms cost more than lasagna pasta, low-carb breads cost more than regular loaves. Low-carb tortillas cost more than normal tortillas or bread. Preparation and cooking time are similar to traditional recipes.

You can make tasty and nutritious meals for carb-challenged friends and family with a little ingenuity. They will appreciate your efforts.

Reducing Your Risk Of Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, an estimated 25.8 million children and adults live with diabetes. This is over eight percent of the population and this figure grows every year. The reasons for the high level of diabetes are many, but this highly avoidable condition has only been exacerbated through our collective poor eating and living habits.

We don’t really understand what causes diabetes, but we do know that we have to eat better. Millions of Americans, according to the same study, live with diabetes and don’t even know it. About seven million people live with it are undiagnosed and another 79 million are in the early stages, also known as pre-diabetes, that can be prevented through simple changes – changes that won’t likely happen due to our lack of understanding of the condition and our lifestyles.

Americans, on a whole, live a very sedentary lifestyle and rarely get the kind of food or exercise that their body needs.This type of lifestyle often results in individuals developing diabetes. People don’t realize that through simple dietary changes, you can do a great deal to reverse or reduce the impact of diabetes.

We love to snack, and far too often turn to the vending machine to get something tasty. Vending machine foods are a terrible choice because most of the options are high in sugar and saturated fats that only worsen the situation. Instead, if you want an afternoon snack, bring nuts to work with you. Almonds, in particular, do a great deal to protect the body against Type 2 diabetes. When eaten on a regular basis, in conjunction with a well-rounded intake of foods, nuts give the body the nutrients and the good fats it needs while also lowering your risk for getting diabetes.

Our understanding of fat and what it means is quite poor. The body actually requires fat, but it needs the right kinds. Milk is another food that is a great source of these healthy fats, and it is also rich in calcium and vitamin D which your body also needs. All of these components help lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes. If you’re a Vegan or prefer soy-milk, you can get the same vitamins and minerals through fortified options that include calcium and vitamin D.

People should be eating brown rice, because it is, after all, one of the staples of a good diet. White rice is a bad choice because it’s more quickly converted to sugar when it gets inside our bodies and can contribute to dramatic spikes in blood sugar. Brown rice is far better for you, and goes a long way towards giving the body the essential nutrients it need to stay healthy.

Sometimes all it takes are simple changes to our diet and having a good glucose monitoring system. People can live with diabetes and have a very fulfilling life, and if steps are taken to improve diet and exercise habits, you won’t have to worry about developing the condition in the first place. Do some research if you’re concerned about developing this condition or if someone you love is at risk. All it takes is making more informed decision. As far as diabetes is concerned, ignorance isn’t an option.