Fast Food Options On Your Cheat Day

Let’s be honest: Dieting is difficult. As a culture we have become extremely accustomed to meals on the go. We call this fast food. When you are dieting, fast food seems to be the demon that is pulling you off the wagon. You can find a McDonald’s on almost every block in major cities, along with numerous other fast food venues.

The easy accessibility is what gets us. There are some rules you can follow to help you avoid unnecessary calories. For instance, never drink sodas. Even if they are diet, they are horrible for you. Stick to water, unsweetened tea, or even lemonade. Also don’t get meals. You don’t need the fry or drink. Most places have a dollar menu, which has side salads on it. This is also going to save you money. Here are 5 meals, at five different fast food restaurants that you eat guilt free, feel full, all without sacrificing your diet.

Arby’s: A Light Roast Chicken, or Turkey sandwich has only 260 calories, and it also has 23 grams of protein. This sandwich is rather large, tastes great, and is also very filling. Pair it with a side salad instead of fries, and you are only adding 25 more calories to it.

Burger King: The BK Broiler Chicken Sandwich holds 267 calories and 22 grams of protein. Add on a side salad for only 25 more calories. Also there is a chunky chicken salad on the menu with only 142 calories and 20 grams of protein. If you are craving something sweet, instead of getting a piece of pie or cake from the dessert menu get a vanilla frozen yogurt which only carries 120 calories. This way you are eating well and you still get a treat!

McDonald’s: The best thing to get a McDonald’s is just a regular hamburger. It has 280 calories, and add a side salad, apple dippers, or even a yogurt parfait to go with it. You can even get a kids ice cream cone for 45 calories. So a burger, salad, and ice cream cone all for around 350 calories! That is a great number of calories for any meal, and it is packed with vitamins, protein, and fiber.

Subway: The 6 inch turkey breast has 16 grams of protein and 264 calories. Load it up with as many veggies as you want, just watch it when it comes to the dressing. Try adding some oil and vinegar, or go easy on the spread. Most people blow their healthy meals with dressings. You can also turn your sub into a salad and save TONS of calories, or pair with a piece of fruit, yogurt, or green tea.

Wendy’s: A large chili from Wendy’s has 310 calories. This is great for the winter or when you are craving something salty. As long as you stay away from the fries and baked potatoes you are in the clear. The Jr. Wendy’s burger and also the grilled chicken sandwich are less than 300 calories.

Tips To Avoid Cheating On Your Diet

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you dieting and having problems with sticking to your diet? Are you searching for advice on how to avoid cheating on your diet? Do you feel like giving up on your diet? If so, these tips below might help you.

How to Avoid Cheating on Your Diet Tip #1: Browse clothing you would like to buy once you’ve lost your weight.

Go online and start searching for clothing you would like to buy once you’ve met your weight loss goal. You might search swimsuits, dresses, outfits, whatever. Tell yourself that you can lose this weight with lots of motivation, and you will be able to fit into those clothes once you’ve met your goal.

How to Avoid Cheating on Your Diet Tip #2: Figure out how much money you will save by losing your weight.

For some plans, such as Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, it will cost some more money to lose weight. (But it’s worth every penny if that’s what it takes to lose it!) However, if you are following Weight Watchers or a similar plan, figure out how much money you will save by dieting. For example, if you use to get a latte every other day, you might figure out that you will save thirty bucks a month and $360 dollars a year. Then, think of ways to reward yourself with that money. Some ideas include a professional massage, facial, new jewelry, new clothes, a vacation, whatever.

You might also remind yourself that, by losing weight, you will save money in other ares such as the price of life insurance, clothing, etc.

So, when you have an urge to completely blow your diet, sit down and figure out how many money you will save. Then, you might consider treating yourself with the money that you’ve saved on something nice.

If you are following a pricey diet plan, remind yourself that the cost of it is worth more than having a heart attack, getting diabetes, etc.

How to Avoid Cheating on Your Diet Tip #3: Reward yourself for not giving in.

In addition to treating yourself by using the money you’ve saved on food, you could also just reward yourself because you are following your diet. You might reward yourself for sticking to your diet for one week with a professional manicure. Then choose something nice to reward yourself when you’ve met a one month goal, etc.

How to Avoid Cheating on Your Diet Tip #4: Drink a diet soda.

Are you craving a donut or milkshake? Try to drink a diet coke, pepsi, root beer or other diet soda. Try to get your mind off of the craving by doing something else, even if means going for a drive, walk, or meandering around the mall.

How to Avoid Cheating on Your Diet Tip #5: Visit Online Weight Loss Message Boards

It might help you to feel encourage to visit a weight loss forum or message board. You can vent, ask for advice, or just find support from someone else in your shoes.

These are just five tips to help you avoid cheating on your diet.

Everything In Moderation

There are some dieting mistakes we make that simply just do not occur to us. These things are really just normal daily actions, so why should we consider them diet mistakes? Here we will look at some mistakes that you could be making right now, but the good news is that you can easily stop these bad diet habits. In fact, you could stop them immediately and get back on track.

Diet soda is involved in every moment of your life

I absolutely love Diet Coke with lime and while I am not a big soda drinker, I have had days where there was a can at my side virtually all day. You are probably thinking the same thing I did: diet soda has no calories, so why not drink it? The thing is that this beverage of choice is associated with increasing your sweet tooth. I cannot have sugar as my teeth are far too sensitive, but I have friends who have major sweet “tooths,” as well as a hefty diet soda habit. Diet soda is not the devil, but it should be consumed in moderation. As an added bonus, my teeth are even brighter when I am not consuming so many dark beverages.

Potatoes are an everyday meal staple

I adore fries and mashed potatoes. However, I know that eating them daily is just not a great idea. If you are eating some form of potatoes everyday, weight gain is almost inevitable. Harvard just did a study on this and while the weight gain over the course of a year was not huge, it was still weight gain. The issue with potatoes is that they do not keep you full for long. So, potatoes a few times a week is fine, but every day is not the best idea.

Fork size matters

I have dieting friends who use those tiny salad forks in place of a normal-sized fork to eat all of their meals. This may seem like a good idea because you cannot get as much food on a tiny fork. However, as you notice that this tiny fork is making that food disappear at a snail’s pace, you will actually likely overeat. This is due to your stomach just not knowing it is full. So, use a normal-sized fork, chew thoroughly, put the fork down every few bites and leave the salad fork for, well, salad.